4 Secrets That Can Help You Save On Your Funeral Costs

If you want to make sure the details of your funeral match your personal beliefs, tastes, and budget, you may want to consider making the arrangements yourself. You can do this by putting your desires in writing, arrange the payments, and make sure your loved ones are aware of what you want and don't want. When pre-planning your funeral or even planning one for your loved one, you can cut cost if you know some of the secrets about funeral home services.

1: Go Plain And Simple

If your desire is to be cremated, at places like Ocean County Cremation Service, then this alone can cut costs, but there are some other ways you can reduce the total funeral expenses. 

You can rent your casket. When you rent a casket, the deceased's body is placed inside a thick cardboard container and then into the casket. Once the funeral service is over, the body is lifted from the casket and prepared for cremation. 

You don't have to buy an expensive ornate urn. You can ask that your ashes be returned to your loved one or final resting place in a plain plastic or metal container.

2: Don't Go All Out On The Casket

If you do decide to buy a casket, and you don't see a low-cost one out on the showroom floor, do ask to see one anyway. Just because it isn't displayed doesn't mean it isn't an option.

If you are offered a package to save you money, ask for an itemized list and cost anyway. Sometimes there are services included that you don't need or want, making it less costly to pick and choose. If you cannot find one in you price range, you can save by going online and buying caskets directly from manufactures or online stores. 

There are no caskets that can prevent decomposition, so don't pay extra for caskets with rubber gaskets that are supposed to prevent moisture from seeping inside the casket. They have been known to explode by sealing gases inside.

3:  Keep In Mind That Embalming Is Optional

Embalming is not required by law, so you can choose no opt out of this process. Bodies kept at a cool temperature in a walk in cooler can actually be presented very nicely at the funeral service if the viewing takes place within a few days of death. 

4: Remember Veterans Can Receive Free Burials

If you are an honorably discharged veteran, you have a free burial as the Veteran's Affairs National Cemetery. Many states also often free burials for spouses of veterans as well. This service generally includes the vault, grave, setting fee, and a headstone or grave marker. 

Before making any plans, you can check into these and other cost-cutting tips. Talk openly with the funeral home and let the know you have a budget.  You don't have to arrange an expensive service to give yourself or a loved one a meaningful send off.