Lend Your Expertise To Your Local Teen Rehab Facility In These Ways

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, there are a number of options to consider. One volunteer role that might not immediately enter your mind is to donate your time to a local residential rehabilitation facility for teenagers. If you know of some facilities in your area, check their website for their current volunteering needs. If such information isn’t available, evaluate the potential ways that you might be able to lend your expertise, and then call a few facilities to gauge their interest.

Hearing Aids And Middle Ear Infections In Children

  Colds and upper respiratory infections can lead to ear infections, especially in children. But if your child wears a hearing aid, he or she can experience additional problems. Since ear infections are common among children, it’s important to recognize the symptoms and understand the impact an ear infection can have on wearing a hearing aid. What are common signs that your child has an ear infection? The symptoms that a child has an ear infection vary but may include:

Helping With The Traditions Of Saying Goodbye: Extending Kindnesses After A Death

The pain can seem unbearable the first time you lose someone that you love. The good news is that the pain does get easier with time, but the first few days can be extremely difficult. They are also days that will be filled with decisions and the traditions of modern death in the United States. If you know someone who has just experienced a death and now must face the traditions of saying goodbye, step up and help them every step of the way.

Blood, Sweat, And Ears: Lesser-Known Causes Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus – a chronic condition that usually presents itself as a ringing, rushing, or static-like noise in your ears, often impairing your ability to hear – is a common condition but can still be somewhat mysterious to those who contract it, especially when they’re not sure what has caused this ringing sensation. But tinnitus isn’t just caused by one factor, and your tinnitus may have been brought on by the combined efforts of a variety of sources.

If You Spend All Day Hunched Over A Desk, Here's How To Stretch Out Your Back

While you may not want to spend all day at your desk, there’s not a lot you can do about it if that’s what your job demands. All of those hours in a chair staring at a screen can lead to a sore, stiff back. Here are three exercises you can do to stretch out your back and ease the aching. Side Stretch This stretch is really good at targeting tight muscles in the middle of your back, along with those along your sides.

Suffering From Psoriatic Arthritis And Heel Pain? The Two Are Probably Related

Psoriatic arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that combines inflammation of the skin with inflammation of the joints. But many patients are unaware that it can also affect their feet as well, leaving them with heel pain that makes walking and standing virtually unbearable. If you suffer from psoriatic arthritis, here is some information you need to know about foot care during flares. Plantar fasciitis is the medical term for your heel pain.

How Diabetics Can Prevent Serious Skin Infections

Diabetics can have serious skin issues, especially when it comes to skin infections due to their weakened immunity. For a diabetic, some infections can be serious and life-threatening. Some skin infections are more common in diabetics than in people that do not have diabetes. Learn more about some of the skin infections commonly seen in diabetics and what you can do to prevent them. Necrobiosis Usually Occurs In People With Diabetes

3 Tips For Getting Started Teaching Your Own Yoga Classes

If you have recently completed your yoga teaching certification, you are likely itching to get started teaching yoga classes. While this is definitely the next step, it is important that you plan out what you would like to do before simply diving in. This can help you to be a better yoga teacher and have a more successful and long lasting career. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting started teaching your own yoga classes.

What You Need To Know About Hip Revision Surgery

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), more than 300,000 hip replacements are performed every year in the United States. For the patients, these surgeries get rid of pain, restore mobility, and improve the overall quality of life. For total joint replacement, the average lifespan of the joint is 10 to 15 years. Statistically, hip replacement patients have a 90 to 95 percent chance of the joint lasting 10 years and an 80 to 85 percent chance of it lasting 20 years.

Three Reasons Why Your Teenage Son Has REALLY Foul-Smelling Feet And What Your Podiatrist Prescribes

If you are like most parents, walking into your teenage son’s room probably requires a gas mask. Between the usual body odors and the pizza box he has stuffed under his bed, your son also has feet that make Limburger and Roquefort cheeses smell heavenly. Before you begin wondering if it is legal to cut your son’s feet off, here are a few things a podiatrist would suggest are the problems and prescribe to treat those adolescent foot bombs.

How Can You Encourage Your Teen To Lose Weight?

Finding healthy ways to help your teenager lose weight can be challenging. Not only do you have to focus on helping your teen lose weight, but also help him or her maintain good self-esteem. Berating your teen about his or her weight could potentially lead to the development of an eating disorder, so finding a balance between being positive and healthy can be difficult. However, it is possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind while developing a weight loss program for your teen.

Three Ways To Manage Period Pain Without Popping Pills

It’s not unusual to experience some abdominal cramps each month when your period comes. While popping some pain relievers may make you more comfortable, these medications can have side effects, so they’re not always the best choice. Here’s a look at three pill-free strategies to help ease your period cramps. Accupressure Accupressure is a traditional medical technique that relies on physical pressure. Basically, you press on a certain trigger point on the body, and this helps release blocked energy that is contributing to your pain.

Benefit From Early Intervention Treatment Or Surgery For Your Scoliosis Condition

Some people as they age develop scoliosis of the spine, which is referred to as degenerative scoliosis. Scoliosis can occur because of genetics that predisposes your developing this disease. It is possible that you may have developed scoliosis during puberty with no pain symptoms materializing until you reached adulthood. By then, your spine curvature may well have worsened and you might now need to undergo scoliosis surgery. The aging process unfortunately also triggers development of osteoporosis or kyphosis, which are degenerative diseases of the spine.

How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana programs are becoming more acceptable in the United States. This treatment can be used as an alternative to traditional medicine. Some people experience side effects like sleeplessness and nausea from their medication. These symptoms can leave you feeling frustrated. For this reason, you may turn to medicinal marijuana for better results. Read on to find out how to apply for medical marijuana. Find A Licensed Doctor To use this herbal medication, you have to get approved for a cannabis card.

Three Diet Tips for People with Dementia

If you have an elderly parent suffering from dementia, there are many lifestyle changes you are going to have to make. This will ensure that your parent’s confusion throughout the day is not as high and that they are continuing to eat and live as comfortably as possible. Eating is one of many challenges your parent may face, since people with dementia become distracted easily or even forget how they are supposed to eat.

Back Sleepers with Stiff Hips and Pain in the Morning: Find Relief with These Simple Tips

If you’re a back sleeper who experiences stiffness and pain in your hips every morning, you may wonder if you can do anything to feel better in and out of bed. Some people experience problems with their hip flexor muscles when they use poor posture in bed, as this causes the tissues to become tight and tense. Even if you sleep on your back, you can still experience problems if you don’t keep your body properly aligned at night.

3 Tips To Prepare Yourself For A Food Allergy Attack

Finding out that you are now allergic to a certain food is no fun, especially if it’s something you would otherwise enjoy eating. But in order to keep your food allergy in check, it’s important that you make changes to your diet. It’s also critical that you make sure you and your loved ones are prepared with a plan if you should accidentally be exposed to something you are allergic to.

3 Pain Management Ideas For Bodybuilders Who Have Injured Their Lower Back And Can't Sleep

If you’ve injured your lower back and are unable to lift weights, then you are probably experiencing a significant amount of pain. You don’t have to grit your teeth and suffer silently. There are lots of pain management methods that you can seek out. These are important because they will help you relax during your resting period. It does no good to be tense and stressed while you wait for your back to heal.

2 At-Home Mouthwashes To Help Keep Your Turner's Tooth Bacteria Free

Turner’s tooth can be tricky to keep under control because the disorder usually only affects a single tooth in your mouth. The tooth that has Turner’s tooth suffers from a weak enamel. This often causes the tooth to decay easier compared to the other healthy teeth in your mouth. In order to prevent this, it is important to have a solid oral health routine. This will ensure that your mouth remains bacteria free and will prevent your Turner’s tooth from developing decay or infection.

Helping Your Loved One When They Come Home From Knee Replacement Surgery: Tips For You

When you have a loved one who needs to have their knee replaced, no matter what age they happen to be, it will take them some time to recover. Between staying in the hospital for several days after the surgery and possibly going to a swing bed facility or other short-term rehabilitation center, it can be up to a week or more before your loved one will return to their home.

Caring For Yoru Eyes And Ears As You Age

As you age, it’s important for you to make sure you stay on top of your health. You want to go in for your regular checkups, eat a healthy diet, and make sure you watch for signs of potential health problems so that you can report them to your doctor. You also want to make sure you take proper care of your eyes and ears, since these are some of the more common areas of concern for people as they get older.

Want To Get Paid To Enhance Your Community? Consider These Career Options

If the thought of helping others and making a positive impact on your community is attractive to you, consider starting a career that will allow you to do so while getting paid. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or you already have a college degree under your belt, there are a variety of options available that may appeal to you depending on your personal goals, needs, and preferences. Consider a career in one of the following fulfilling options:

Milk Isn't The Only Drink That's Good For Your Bones

You’ve heard the advice to drink milk for strong bones. Milk and other dairy products are indeed good sources of the calcium that’s needed to help prevent osteoporosis. However, calcium isn’t the only bone-healthy ingredient you can get from a beverage. Here are a few ingredients and drinks you may not have considered. 1. Catechins from tea. A recent study of green and black tea consumption demonstrated increased hip bone mineral density in elderly women who drank the tea.

How To Reduce The Size Of Your Pores Naturally With Baking Soda

A common skin issue people with oily skin have is enlarged pores. Enlarged pores can easily become full of dirt, dry skin, and oil, and this causes them to look even bigger. If you desire nicer skin and smaller pores, you might be able to achieve these goals by using one common household product—baking soda. Here are a few questions you might have about using baking soda to reduce the size of your pores.

Scared Your Baby Is Arriving Early And Before Your Baby Shower? What Items You Really Need

If you are a couple months away from your due date but you fear the baby is coming earlier than expected, there are a few things you must have ready to go in case there is an expected early delivery. You want to be sure that you have a medical expert that can care for the baby and the safety necessities needed at home. Clothes, blankets and other accessories you can send your significant other out for, and may not be needed right away.

Tooth Pain Persisting After A Root Canal? What You Should Know

If you’ve been dealing with persistent tooth pain and your dentist suggests a root canal to ease the pain, you may feel relieved. Unfortunately, some root canal procedures are not as effective as others. You may find yourself struggling with persistent pain after the root canal is finished. Here are several reasons why pain may persist following a root canal treatment. Residual Infection In some cases, some residual infection persists in the bone around the root.

Don't Give Up: 3 Ways To Communicate When Your Loved One Has Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the entire family. It robs the individual of their memories and it robs family members of their ability to communicate with their loved one. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you may feel like it’s futile to try and communicate with your loved one. However, you should not give up hope. While there will be lots of days when communication is impossible, there will be other days when you’ll see a glimmer of hope.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

Whether you’re receiving contact lenses for the first time, or you’ve had them for years, there are probably plenty of questions that you have about the phenomenon of contact lenses. Thankfully, you have this guide at your fingertips. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few commonly asked questions about contact lenses. Can You Wear Lenses With Astigmatism? Yes. Although in years past, contact lenses were simply not designed for people with astigmatism, this is no longer the case.

Does Someone In The House Have Lice? What To Know

Have you been notified that one of your children or someone in your house has lice on their head, and you aren’t sure what to do? Reacting quickly to get control of the situation and to get rid of the lice will be the best option. Here are a few things you’ll want to know so you can get rid of the lice in your home quickly and without complication.

When Non-Invasive Treatment Is Not Enough To Relieve Your Back Pain

Your persistent back pain is getting in the way of work and other daily activities. Back braces and pain medication are not giving you enough relief. Your pain management doctors have suggested surgery as the next step to correct the problem and relieve the pain. Here is what you can expect from back surgery and how it works to relieve your pain. Surgery Targets Irritated Nerves Your back pain is caused by the irritation of nerves due to some physical change in your back.

3 Helpful Things To Know About Going Through Menopause

Have you been experiencing more vaginal dryness than usual? The dryness is possibly a sign that your body is going through menopause, which is natural for women to experience at some point in life. Discover below what you should know about menopause and getting relief for the symptoms with the help of a gynecologist. Why Do Women Experience Menopause? Menopause is basically the body’s natural way of stopping childbirth, and it usually occurs when a woman is over 40 years old.