3 Tips To Help Improve Nearsightedness

If you are nearsighted, are you taking steps to improving your vision or doing the opposite? You could be unwittingly causing unnecessary stress on your eyes. For example, people, who have nearsightedness sometimes spend many hours of the computer and this could cause stress to the eyes. Did you know there are three things you could do to try to improve your vision?

Relax your eyes

Massages are not just for the body. You can do a simple eye massage to relax the area around. To do this gently move your fingertips around the muscles surrounding the eyes for 60 seconds. Repeat this motion a few times so that your eyes relax in their sockets. Additionally, you can also rub your palms so that they become warm. After doing this place them gently over your eyes. Eyes should end up feeling refreshed from the warmth from your palms. Do this three or more times to relax your eyes.

Remove eyestrain

A lot of nearsightedness is caused by stress. Stress is placed on the eyes when you read a book for a long period of time or if you sit in front of a computer for an extended amount of time. This strains and stresses your eyes. One way to reduce this type of eyestrain is to take breaks when you are reading or using the computer.

Sometimes you may not even feel that your eyes are being strained or tired. Sometimes it takes something as serious as eye pain or watery eyes for you to notice that you have eyestrain. The next time you're reading or using the computer, scheduled breaks into your routine. Go for walk or visit your local store. Do anything to take you away from reading or using the computer even if it's just for a few minutes.

Rotate your eyeballs

Many people to exercises for the body but neglected to it for their eyes. exercising your eyeballs can keep them healthy. To exercise your eyeballs rotate them in different directions. This is a very simple exercise that will give you great affects. Try different views with your face and rotate your eyeballs in each of these different directions.

The three tips will help you reduce nearsightedness. Practice them and try to incorporate them in your daily routine. Speak with your optometrist at places like The Eye Depot about additional ways that you can try to reduce the effects of nearsightedness.