Keep These Tips In Mind Ahead Of Your Drug Rehab Check In

You've finally made the decision to check yourself into one of the various recovery centers in your area for patients who need help rehabilitating from drug or alcohol use. Understanding you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so you should feel proud about your decision. But if you've never been to drug rehab before, you might be nervous about what it will entail, especially if you have to wait a few days before the center is ready to take you in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in the days leading up to your check in to help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Cut Off Negative Influences

If you do drugs, you likely have people close to you who do the same. As hard as it may be, if you want to get healthy, you need to remove all temptation. If you frequently hang out with people who do drugs, you need to get some new friends. The drug rehab center will give you some helpful advice on how to do this, but for now, make an effort to stop contacting people who could negatively influence you in the last few days before you check in.

Don't Binge

You might still have some of your stash and not want it to go to waste, but that is a very bad idea. As soon as you decide you are going to rehab, throw all your drugs away. An attempt at a last minute binge in order to have some kind of "last hurrah" could end up being dangerous to your health or even prevent you from getting to rehab. If you feel an urge to do drugs, call someone at the rehab center and tell them you need to talk to someone. Hopefully someone can talk you out of it, or they might even be able to move up your check in time if it's an emergency.

Rest and Eat Well, Detox is Hard

The rehab center will give you some strategies for the initial detox period, but it can be helpful if you have already started to detox on your own. Detox can make you feel strange, so it's important to get a lot of rest and sleep well in the days before you check in to drug rehab so that you have the energy needed to get well as soon as possible.

Deciding to go to rehab at a facility from an organization like is the hard part. Once that's done, all focus during the last few days before you check in should be moved towards making your initial stay as easy as possible. Cut off negative influences, throw any remaining drugs away, and make sure you rest and eat well prior to your check in day at the rehab center.