Preparing For After Your Shoulder Surgery

If you have a major shoulder surgery coming up, you should prepare as best you can for your after care. Having major surgery is a big deal, and the best way to ensure you have a speedy and safe recovery is by being prepared.

Fill Your Prescriptions Early

If you know that you will need to take certain medications after your shoulder surgery, ask your doctor if you can get the prescriptions early. That way, you will be able to fill the prescriptions before your surgery, so when you are released from the hospital, you will have nothing to worry about. 

Buy The Food You Will Need

Be sure to read all the instructions on your prescriptions and talk to your doctor about the type of food you should be eating or the type of diet you should be following after your shoulder surgery. If you will have any dietary restrictions, make sure you go to the grocery store and purchase the type of food you will need to eat after your surgery. Make sure your cupboards are well stocked. That way, you will not have to make an outing to the grocery store after your surgery, nor will you have to send someone else out for you.

Prepare Your Space

Take the time to prepare space in your home for you to rest after your surgery. If you need to limit your movement, make sure that you have all the things you need nearby. Taking the time to prepare your space before your shoulder surgery will make it easier when you come home from the hospital. 

Arrange For Help

If you will be limited in your ability to take care of yourself, arrange for help. Contact family and friends, and try to set up a schedule so that someone is always stopping by and looking in on you. If you need additional help, see about arranging for short term, in home care.

Arrange Your Transportation

Arrange for transportation both to and from the hospital for your shoulder surgery. Since you will most likely not be able to drive yourself home, be sure to arrange transportation both ways so your vehicle is not stuck in the hospital parking lot. See if a friend or family member can drop you off and pick you up.

If that is not an option, call up your local taxi company and arrange for them to pick you up at a specific time for your surgery and for your ride home. By calling and arranging for a taxi ahead of time, you will ensure that you have transportation when you need it. 

One of the keys to a successful recovery following a major shoulder surgery is to be prepared. This will make your recovery smoother and take the stress off of you.