4 Non-Traditional Treatments For Diabetes

As a diabetic, you know the importance of carefully monitoring and maintaining your blood sugar levels. Your doctor can help you accomplish this with traditional medical treatments, such as insulin shots. However, some people are turning to non-traditional alternatives to keep their blood sugar in check. Here are some available options. 

Dietary Supplements

Some people rely on dietary supplements to help blood sugar levels. How effective the supplements are has not been definitively proven. For instance, chromium has received mixed results in studies to determine if it is effective in treating diabetes. Magnesium is another supplement that may be a good option. In fact, a lack magnesium has been linked to complications for those with diabetes. Ultimately, it's best to talk with your physician before starting supplements.


Another non-traditional form of treatment for diabetes is acupuncture. Acupuncture therapy is alleged to help with reducing the need for insulin. Another added benefit is that if placed correctly, the nervous system is stimulated. This is particularly important for diabetics since the disease can lead to poor circulation. As a result of the decreased circulation, some people develop nerve damage, such as diabetic neuropathy. Acupuncture is usually recommended to use in conjunction with traditional medication. 


Biofeedback is a non-traditional form of therapy that is often used to help treat a range of conditions, including diabetes. Biofeedback involves using the mind to control your body's functions. In therapy, medical equipment is used to monitor your body's functions. Over time, you are taught to recognize what triggers your body's responses to certain factors. 

In treating diabetes, biofeedback would be used to control some symptoms of the disease, such as headaches. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an option to help with controlling the symptoms and conditions that can result from having diabetes. For instance, if you are suffering hypertension related to having diabetes, it can complicate your ability to control your blood sugar. However, regular massage therapy can help get relieve the symptoms of hypertension. Since hypertension can also lead to nerve damage, massage therapy and controlling your blood sugar levels can help save your nerves from damage. 

Even though non-traditional methods of treating diabetes have been used for years, it is imperative that you seek advice from your regular doctor before starting any treatment. You need to ensure that the treatment is safe for you and does not interfere with any other treatments that your doctor has prescribed before you try an alternative treatment.