Three Signs That It's Time To Schedule An Appointment With A Podiatrist

Just like visiting a doctor or a dentist for regular checkups, scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist in your community is a vitally important part of keeping yourself healthy. When you have issues with your feet, they can affect you in several ways -- especially if you spend a lot of time standing for your job or for a hobby. Podiatrists can often help you through these issues, which can greatly restore your quality of life. There are several acute reasons for which it's worth visiting your podiatrist. Here are three. 

Nail Fungus

Even if you're a little embarrassed about the fungus growing around your toenails, it's important to take action by visiting the podiatrist. Fungus spreads easily when left untreated, and what was once a bit of fungus around one toenail can easily turn into a greater problem that affects all five of your toes. Your podiatrist will be able to help you through this irritating issue by providing you with the right anti-fungal ointment to reduce the problem. Additionally, he or she will go through a series of simple changes you can make to reduce future fungal growth, such as changing your socks when they become sweaty to ensure that your feet stay in a dry environment that's unfriendly to fungus.

Heel Pain

Pain in one or both heels can impact your mobility and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Visiting the podiatrist means that you'll get a diagnosis about the reason for this pain, which be plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or other problems. Beyond the diagnosis, your podiatrist will provide you with a solution for lessening the pain. in the case of plantar fasciitis, for example, the podiatrist will show you a series of exercises that you can perform to stretch the tissues across the bottom of your foot to provide relief. You'll also about certain lifestyle tips, such as avoiding going barefoot.


If you're feet are in fine health but you notice that you get blisters after any prolonged period of walking, a podiatrist can help you get to the bottom of this issue. He or she will analyze how you walk to note if there's something about your gait that is unnatural. Additionally, your podiatrist will look at the shoes you typically wear and provide recommendations about better shoes to wear. Many people opt for design over fit when choosing shoes, and meeting with a local podiatrist (such as one from will help you determine if you've made this mistake.