Does Someone In The House Have Lice? What To Know

Have you been notified that one of your children or someone in your house has lice on their head, and you aren't sure what to do? Reacting quickly to get control of the situation and to get rid of the lice will be the best option. Here are a few things you'll want to know so you can get rid of the lice in your home quickly and without complication.

Treat Each Person

Since your kids and everyone are on the same couches, beds, in the car and other areas, it's important to treat everyone's heads right away. You'll want to follow the directions on the packaging to make sure you do the treatment properly, and you want to do everyone at the same time. Missing someone could lead to them infecting everyone else who has already been treated.

Dry Clean

 If you're worried you can't get the water in your washing machine hot enough to kill the lice, take all of the bedding and type of bags or suit cases or coats that have come in contact with the lice to the dry cleaners. Let them know that the items have been contaminated, and they can heat the items enough to kill the pests.

Freeze Everything

If you are still worried about items that may have been in contact with the heads of those infected with lice or other items, take the items outside in a garbage bag for 72 hours or longer if the temperatures are below freezing. Freezing will be as effective at killing the lice as heating and may be more affordable and convenient.

Combs, Brushes and Hair Accessories

If you can afford to throw things away, pitch all the items that may have come in contact with the lice or nits, or the items that could have come in contact with items that were in the hair. If you can't throw them away, boil everything in a pot of water to make sure the lice and nits are killed.

If you have pets in the house, they can't get lice from you and you can't get lice from them so don't worry about treating your dog or cat. If you aren't sure if you have gotten the lice out of the hair of your children or not you may want to consult a medical professional to make sure that the problem is treated, or to get prescription lice treatments if you can't get rid of the problem on your own.