Scared Your Baby Is Arriving Early And Before Your Baby Shower? What Items You Really Need

If you are a couple months away from your due date but you fear the baby is coming earlier than expected, there are a few things you must have ready to go in case there is an expected early delivery. You want to be sure that you have a medical expert that can care for the baby and the safety necessities needed at home.

Clothes, blankets and other accessories you can send your significant other out for, and may not be needed right away. But consider having the following to be prepared.

Find a Pediatrician

Pediatric offices can get full and stop accepting new patients, so it's important to find a pediatric doctor that takes your insurance before the baby is born. There will be an on call pediatrician at the hospital that examines new born babies, and this report will be sent to the pediatrician of your choice. If you know what practice you will use before you give birth, you can have the pediatrician on call from that practice do the examination.

Your future pediatrician may even come in to test the baby. Newborn babies should be seen by a physician within 3-5 days after birth, so it helps to get an appointment if you are already registered and in their system.

Prepare the Car Seat and Bassinet

There are a variety of baby items that aren't needed within the first few weeks of birth, but a car seat and bassinet or place for the baby to sleep are essential. Be sure that the car seat you have is the appropriate size for the baby and that you know how to put it in the car properly. Choosing a safe sleeping option is also important, and verify with the pediatrician's office when you set your appointment that the option you have will work.


It doesn't matter if you are using cloth or disposable diapers, but you can expect to go through around ten or possibly more a day. If the baby comes before your baby shower or before a diaper party, you want to be prepared right when you get home to change their diapers, and you'll want to have some in your bag for at the hospital.

These are the items that you don't want to leave the hospital without after you have the baby, and the other accessories for a baby can be purchased or dropped off at another time. Talk with your significant other and get everything prepared for the big day.