Lend Your Expertise To Your Local Teen Rehab Facility In These Ways

If you're looking for a way to give back to your community, there are a number of options to consider. One volunteer role that might not immediately enter your mind is to donate your time to a local residential rehabilitation facility for teenagers. If you know of some facilities in your area, check their website for their current volunteering needs. If such information isn't available, evaluate the potential ways that you might be able to lend your expertise, and then call a few facilities to gauge their interest. Here are some areas in which you may be able to help these teens who are looking to get their lives back on track.


Many rehab facilities run athletic programs, given the many benefits of keeping active. People who have struggled with drugs or alcohol may have neglected their physical health during this time, so getting active is often part of the daily routine for those living in residential rehab centers. If you're athletically minded, you may be able to lend a hand in this manner. For example, the center could have a running group that heads to a local trail each afternoon. Or, there might be on-site basketball or soccer facilities that require coaches, officials, or just extra bodies to get a game going.


Art programs are common at rehab facilities, as they give the residents a chance to practice a new skill that can be calming and satisfying. Many different types of art are often part of the programming at such facilities. If you're adept at painting, drawing, making sculptures, or other such artistic endeavors, your ability to teach these skills to the residents may be welcome. Other fine arts can also be used. For example, if you can play the guitar or piano and you're interested in sharing this interest with others, the rehab facility may be interested in providing these lessons for its residents.


Board games and card games are often part of the daily or weekly routine at residential rehab facilities, as these activities give residents a healthy way to enjoy some downtime with each other in between the structured elements of their daily routines. Many rehab facilities will accept help from community members who are simply interested in hanging out and playing some games. It's ideal if you have a familiarity with popular board games and card games, as you can take on a teaching role to help residents who may not have played these games in the past.

Contact a rehab facility like Brightside Clinic to find out how you can help.