Five Bad Habits That Could Detract From The Health Of Your Spine

It's important to do everything you can on a daily basis to protect the health of your spine. An unhealthy spine can severely detract from your quality of life and make it difficult to handle everyday personal and professional responsibilities. 

You can keep your spine in the best possible condition by avoiding the following five bad habits that could detract from the health of your spine:

Lifting, bending, and reaching carelessly

You can severely aggravate any spine disorder you suffer from if you don't take care to lift, bend, and reach safety and cautiously.

When you're lifting heavy items, you should always avoid twisting your body. Don't push it when you're lifting heavy items and make sure the you get some assistance if an item is too heavy for you. 

When you're lifting something up from the ground, make sure that you bend down at the knees and pick it up using your leg muscles rather than bending at the hips. 

Having poor posture 

Many people are guilty of poor posture. If you want to keep your spine healthy, you need to make a conscious effort to sit and stand up straight. 

It's an especially bad habit to slouch while you're working if you work at a desk for a significant amount of time each day. When you're driving, you can improve your posture with a car seat or car seat accessory that offers lumbar support. 

Not getting enough quality sleep

Not sleeping enough can have a negative impact on the health of your spine. Also, sleeping in a position that puts pressure on your spine can detract from your spinal health.

When it comes to the health of your spine, the best position to sleep in is on your back. Another thing you can do when positioning yourself to sleep is place a pillow underneath your knees while you're sleeping on your back. This takes some pressure off of your spine.

Neglecting to exercise

Exercising on a regular basis keeps your whole body in better shape. Regular exercise can help to strengthen your muscles and thereby take some everyday stress off of your spine.

Allowing your weight to get out of control

One of the riskiest things you can do if you have a spine disorder is gain weight. Being overweight significantly increases the strain on your spine. Excess weight is especially stressful on your back if it is concentrated in your belly. 

Eat a healthy diet and avoid excessively high caloric intake to keep your weight under control and improve the health of your spine.