Reasons That Your Hearing Aid May Fall Out

When you get a hearing aid, you may notice that it takes some time to adjust to how it feels in your ear — or, you may find that you're hardly aware of its presence just a few days after getting it. One thing that may make you aware of the hearing aid is if it slips out of place. Perhaps you feel it loose inside your ear, or maybe it begins to fall out and you have to grab it. Having a hearing aid fall out is problematic because not only can it break upon hitting the floor, but you'll then be left struggling to hear. Here are some reasons that your hearing aid may fall out.

It Doesn't Fit Correctly

Perhaps the most simple reason that your hearing aid has been falling out of your ear is that it doesn't fit correctly. Generally, when you go for a hearing assessment to get hearing aids, your audiologist will ensure that the device fits correctly. However, perhaps it's been several years since you got your hearing aid and the shape of your ear has changed. Dramatic weight gain or weight loss can also play a role. Whatever the case, returning to the hearing center for a new device will be a good idea.

Your Activities Are Vigorous

It's possible that your hearing aid falls out of your ear because of excess movement. Although the device is designed to stay in place during everyday activities, certain things with a lot of movement may cause it to fall out. Perhaps you take a step aerobics class or maybe you enjoy jumping on the backyard trampoline with your grandchildren. If you notice that the hearing aid slips out of your ear during these moments, the activity itself is likely the culprit.

You Sweat Heavily

People who are profuse sweaters can sometimes find that their hearing aid doesn't always remain in place. The sweat in your ear provides a thin layer of lubrication between your skin and the device, which can cause it to slide around more than it should — and eventually work its way loose. While you may occasionally want to remove the hearing aid and dry the inside of your ear with a tissue or cloth, you shouldn't hesitate to schedule an appointment at the hearing center to explain your predicament. Even if the hearing aid fits perfectly, your audiologist can suggest several techniques, including opting for a different style of hearing aid that stays in place better.