Get In Shape And Practice Running Prior To Entering A 5K Race

If you want to enter a 5K race this summer to help raise awareness for cancer research, getting in shape so that you can endure the race and potentially lead the pack of runners can be accomplished with some disciplined training sessions.

Discuss Your Goals With A Personal Trainer

If you are the type of person who feels self-conscious while exercising or lifting weights inside of a crowded fitness center, a private gym that offers personal trainers may be appealing to you. After acquiring a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer, the trainer will meet with you to discuss your longterm goals and to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Your diet and beverage intake will also be brought up. Be honest when relaying information and take heed if your trainer recommends that you eliminate some unhealthy food and beverage options for the time being. Fatty or starchy foods and beverages should be avoided because they may cause bloating and fatigue that could be detrimental to your performance during the 5k race. 

Perform Exercises

A series of exercises will be discussed that will assist with reducing flab, tightening skin, and strengthening muscles. Your trainer will demonstrate how to complete each exercise. Some exercises may require using weights, an exercise bike, or another piece of fitness equipment. After each demonstration, attempt to recreate the moves that your trainer performed.

Do not worry about forgetting to execute a movement the proper way. If you falter and have trouble completing each set, your trainer will step in and offer their help until you have mastered each exercise. Meet with your trainer several times each week so that you are able to achieve your personal goals in time for the 5K race.

Practice Running Around A Track

On days that you aren't scheduled to meet with your trainer, it is a good idea to remain active if you feel up to it and are not in a lot of pain as a result of your training sessions. If a school or recreational center has an outdoor track next to it, contact the director of either place and ask them if it would be alright for you to use the track while practicing for the upcoming race.

Bring along a stopwatch and carry it in your pocket as you race around the track. Try to pace yourself and remain focused on your goal. After completing the first lap, view your time. Take a short break before attempting to run around the track again. Use the stopwatch to determine each subsequent time so that you are aware of what your overall average is.

As you become more accustomed to running around the track, you may notice that you have become faster and are able to complete a lap in a record amount of time.