Avoid Post-Stroke Setbacks With Short-Term Rehabilitative Care

Brought on by heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, a stroke can be devastating. Many patients lose some of their basic motor functions following a stroke. These losses can range from full disablement to minor residual deficits in motor function.

The right care following a stroke can help to minimize the negative effects these medical events can have on a patient's life. If a loved one has recently suffered a stroke, consider using short-term physical rehabilitative care to improve his or her post-stroke quality of life.

Improved Speech and Swallowing

Speech and the ability to swallow are two motor functions that are commonly affected by a stroke. Your loved one's doctor may prescribe physical therapy following a stroke to help minimize the negative impact a stroke can have on speech and swallowing.

Short-term rehabilitation centers offer extensive physical therapy programs that can help your loved one's condition improve. Physical therapists will work with your loved one to complete exercises that will help restore speech patterns and ensure proper swallowing can take place.

A specialized diet can be provided in a short-term rehabilitation center to ensure your loved one's nutritional needs are met while swallowing ability is being improved.

Improved Upper Body Strength

Many patients find that they experience a significant loss in upper body strength following a stroke. This loss of strength can leave your loved one unable to use his or her hands efficiently to grasp hygiene tools like a toothbrush or comb.

Occupational therapy to help rebuild upper body strength can be received in a short-term rehabilitation center. You will also experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one's hygiene needs will be met by nurses and staff that can complete basic tasks for your loved one until he or she can engage in hygiene tasks independently.

Improved Mobility

Leg function can also be negatively affected by a stroke. Your loved one might have difficulty standing or walking as a result of leg weakness after suffering a stroke. Short-term rehabilitation centers are equipped to help care for individuals with mobility limitations.

You won't have to worry about your loved one falling in his or her home while engaging in physical therapy to improve leg strength and mobility when he or she is being cared for by a short-term rehabilitation facility.

Adjusting to life after a stroke can be challenging for patients and their families. Short-term rehabilitative care can help your loved one avoid post-stroke setbacks and recover lost motor function following a stroke.