5 Things To Expect During Your Annual Physical Exam

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do. If you want to get the most out of life, it's essential to work to maintain your health. Finding ways to stay well is vital, and one thing you can do is get an annual physical exam. Knowing what to expect during this visit may motivate you to schedule your next appointment.

Check vital signs

You can typically expect your doctor to monitor your vital signs during your appointment. This will include checking your blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, and your temperature.

It's vital for these to be in the right range, or your doctor may prescribe more tests to find out why.


Getting on the scales is something many patients may not like to do. However, if you wish to enjoy the absolute best health possible, you'll need to weigh the right amount for your height.

During your annual physical exam, you can expect your medical provider to weigh you.

Lung exam

One of the items you may be most familiar with is a stethoscope. This is what your doctor will use to do a lung exam, and you can expect this every year you see your physician.

You may be asked to breathe in and out profoundly while your lungs are being examined. Your provider will be listening for a variety of odd sounds that could indicate you have an issue, such as crackling or wheezing noises.

Skin exam

Keeping your skin healthy is ideal at any age. If you suffer from one of the many skin diseases, this may need to be treated.

However, you can expect a general exam by your physician, and if you have any issues that need to be discussed, this is the time to do it.

Providing medical history

Taking time to let your doctor know of any health problems you may have had is essential during your visit. Have you experienced any dizziness, fainting spells or pain in any area of your body?

If so, this is the time to let your physician know so you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment of these.

Feeling your best may mean visiting your doctor annually for a complete exam. This isn't something you'll want to put off doing and becomes more critical with age. Don't neglect your health, and take the time to contact a physical examinations service.