Helpful Tips For Getting Your Prescription Filled At A Pharmacy

Your doctor might have written you a short-term prescription because you are sick or because you are suffering from an injury, or you might be on long-term medications because of a long-term illness or chronic pain. Either way, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when you are filling a prescription at your pharmacy. These are a few tips that can help you out with getting your prescription filled at your local pharmacy.

Make Sure You Have Your Prescription

First of all, you should make sure that you have your prescription on hand before you head to the pharmacy since the pharmacist will not be able to fill it otherwise. If your doctor has given you a prescription to take to the pharmacy, then you should make sure that you bring the original along with you. If your doctor has told you that they will call your prescription in for you or that they will have someone from their staff do it, you may want to call the pharmacy ahead of time to make sure this has been done since this can save you an unnecessary trip.

Bring Along Your Insurance Card

Many health insurance policies pay for part or all of prescription drug costs, so you will definitely want to make use of this benefit if you have health insurance. After all, it can potentially save you a lot of money. Make sure that you bring along your insurance card when you visit the pharmacy to take advantage of this perk.

Give Information About Your Preferences

If you have certain preferences — such as if you prefer smaller pills because you find them easier to swallow — you should bring this up when you go to the pharmacy. They may be able to accommodate you by providing you with smaller pills or cutting your pills in half, for example. If you dislike the taste of liquid medication, you can ask them to add a flavor to your medication to make it more palatable. You might be surprised by the steps that your pharmacy can take to help you with these types of preferences.

Participate in Your Pharmacy's Loyalty Club

If your pharmacy offers a loyalty club of some sort, you will probably want to join and participate, especially if you have a lot of prescriptions filled each month. You might qualify for discounts or other perks if you do this, for example.

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