Your Hearing Aid Should Be Comfortable

For people that suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids are meant to be a corrective tool that can help eliminate many of their concerns. However, a hearing aid is only helpful when it is worn. Yet, when the unit is uncomfortable, a person may be less apt to wear it, and therefore, the aid will be less helpful. Did you know that hearing aids should be comfortable? If your unit is causing you discomfort, there is a reason why.


The body has a way of adjusting to its circumstances. So, if you have dealt with reduced hearing for some time, you have also become accustomed to hearing sounds at a lower volume. When you begin wearing an aid at a high volume, you can somewhat shock the body, and the level of the sound you hear can be uncomfortable. It is important to remember that the volume of the aid should be set based on personal preference, so an adjustment might be necessary.


After years of not being able to hear well, once a person has their aid in hand, it is not uncommon to want to wear it all the time. While the goal should be continual wear, in the early stages, progression is key, in that you want to build up the length of time you wear the unit over time. If you immediately start wearing the unit for long periods, it can be uncomfortable as your body adjusts. Start in small bursts and work your way up to longer periods of wear. 


Not all hearing aids are made from the same material. A couple of the common materials options include acrylic and silicone. One reason for the variety is that for some people, certain materials are more comfortable than others. So, if your hearing aid is uncomfortable, it could be that you need to upgrade to a unit constructed from another material. It is also worth noting that it is possible to be allergic to the material in the aid, which can cause itching and irritation. 


One of the leading reasons for discomfort is a poor fit. Sometimes, due to their lower cost, people mistakenly purchase over-the-counter hearing devices. However, the problem with these options is that they have a generic mold. If the shape of your ear is narrow, these units will have a hard time fitting, which can make wear painful. A custom unit is designed to fit your ears perfectly, which helps keep it more comfortable. 

Make it a point to address the issue if your hearing aid is not comfortable so that you can have the matter corrected.