What Services Do Prenatal Doctors Provide?

Prenatal care can help women have healthy pregnancies. A prenatal care doctor will ensure that your pregnancy progresses as it should, offering help and advice to help you deal with any problems that may arise. Here are some services that a prenatal care doctor can offer you:

1. Nutrition Counseling

During pregnancy, your body is growing another person. This work requires sufficient nutrients and calories, and a prenatal doctor can help you eat enough of the right foods during your pregnancy. Your doctor can recommend a prenatal vitamin that will ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals that you need. Your doctor can also recommend a diet plan to help you manage specific conditions, such as gestational diabetes. If you have any questions about what foods you can and can't have during pregnancy, your doctor is an excellent person to ask.

2. Ultrasounds

A prenatal doctor can perform ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy. Ultrasounds allow you and your doctor to see your growing fetus. This procedure will allow your doctor to identify twins and triplets so you can adjust your birth plan accordingly. Ultrasounds can also let you know how far along you are. They can even diagnose health conditions, such as insufficient amniotic fluid. Seeing your baby for the first time and be a magical experience that you can have at your first ultrasound appointment.

3. Exercise Guidance

Women are encouraged to continue exercising throughout their pregnancies. Exercise can elevate your mood and keep you healthy. It may even reduce the severity of your labor pains. Many women wonder what exercises they can perform while pregnant. A prenatal doctor can recommend exercises for you based on your overall health and level of fitness. Following your doctor's advice can ensure that both you and your baby stay healthy while you get active.

4. Birth Plan Counseling

Many doctors recommend that women develop a birth plan before their delivery date. A birth plan is a written document that describes your ideal labor and delivery. Some things are out of the control of you and your health care team, but a birth plan can ensure that you are happy with the care you receive. A prenatal doctor can tell you about your options during labor and delivery. For example, some women choose to receive pain medication during labor in order to make the process easier. You can decide if pain management is right for you or if you prefer to pursue a natural birth.

If you have other questions about prenatal care, contact a physician near you.