Not Ready For Surgery? 4 Non-Surgical Methods To Alleviate Knee Pain

If you're plagued by chronic knee pain, but want to avoid surgery for as long as possible, help is available. There are a number of non-surgical alternatives for knee pain relief. Many of the alternatives are options that you can take care of on your own. However, you do need to discuss these options with your doctor. If you're looking for non-surgical methods to relieve your chronic knee pain, read the list provided below. These methods can help to alleviate the discomfort you experience. 

Increase Movement

If you've been giving your knees a rest because you're worried about the pain, now's the time to make some changes. You might not know this, but inactivity can actually increase knee pain. Luckily, you don't need to participate in high-impact exercises. You can help relieve knee pain by taking a leisurely walk at least once a day. Water aerobic activities are also an effective way to alleviate knee pain non-surgically. In fact, you can add water aerobics to your current pain treatment plan.  

Choose PRICE

If you're dealing with knee pain, and you want to postpone surgery for as long as possible, now's the time to take the PRICE approach. 


Protect your knee from increased injury. One way to do that is to avoid activities that may exacerbate the problem. 


Rest your knee when needed. This can include taking short breaks throughout the day. 


Apply ice to the affected area. For maximum benefit, wrap an ice pack in soft cloth, and apply to your knee several times a day. 


Utilize a compression brace for added support. The compression brace will help to reduce pain. 


Finally, elevate your knee to reduce swelling. 

Enjoy a Massage

If you want to avoid surgery for your knee pain, it's time to talk to your doctor about the benefits of massage therapy. You might know that physical therapy and acupuncture can provide effective relief from knee pain. However, massage therapy is also effective for the non-surgical relief of knee pain. Best of all, your massage therapist can provide you with massage techniques that you can use at home, which will allow you to provide your own pain relief between sessions. 

If you experience knee pain on a daily basis, but you're not ready to take the surgical approach, try natural options instead. The tips provided here can help you keep your knee pain under control. For more information on non-surgical knee pain relief, contact a medical professional.