The Benefits of Undergoing Spinal Rehab after Suffering a Back Injury

A back injury can leave you immobile and in severe pain for weeks or months. It can compromise your ability to live your normal everyday life and handle routine tasks like driving. It may even force you to take a leave of absence or quit your job.

However, you do not have to suffer needlessly or allow your injury to take over your life. You may heal faster and get back to your regular life when you undergo spinal rehab after suffering a back injury.

Regaining Mobility

Your biggest challenge after suffering a back injury might involve moving normally. You might struggle to walk, climb stairs, sit down, bend over, and otherwise move like you normally would throughout a typical day.

You do not want to remain in bed or use a mobility device like a walker or cane to get around better. You also do not want to become dependent on other people to help you. Instead, you can go through spinal rehab and regain most or all of your normal range of motion.

The therapists who work for spinal rehab may help you regain your range of motion by teaching you stretching and resistance exercises. You may progressively work toward moving around better until you can get back to your regular routine without assistance.

Managing or Overcoming Pain

Spinal rehab can also help you manage or overcome pain from your back injury. You may not want to rely on prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers to feel better. You want to heal your body so you can avoid feeling discomfort in your back from your injury.

Your time in spinal rehab may help you build up resistance in your back's joints, muscles, and ligaments. You may be able to ease the pain from your injury and lessen your use of pain relievers to get through the day.

Avoiding New Injuries

Finally, spinal rehab may help you avoid suffering a new back injury. You may not want to throw out your back again or suffer another muscle strain, for example. The spinal rehab may help you strengthen your back so it becomes less susceptible to injuries.

Spinal rehab can benefit you after you suffer a back injury. It may allow you to work toward and regain a normal range of motion. You also may lessen the pain you experience from the injury and strengthen your back so you avoid injuring it again.