Get In Shape And Practice Running Prior To Entering A 5K Race

If you want to enter a 5K race this summer to help raise awareness for cancer research, getting in shape so that you can endure the race and potentially lead the pack of runners can be accomplished with some disciplined training sessions. Discuss Your Goals With A Personal Trainer If you are the type of person who feels self-conscious while exercising or lifting weights inside of a crowded fitness center, a private gym that offers personal trainers may be appealing to you.

Helping With The Traditions Of Saying Goodbye: Extending Kindnesses After A Death

The pain can seem unbearable the first time you lose someone that you love. The good news is that the pain does get easier with time, but the first few days can be extremely difficult. They are also days that will be filled with decisions and the traditions of modern death in the United States. If you know someone who has just experienced a death and now must face the traditions of saying goodbye, step up and help them every step of the way.

Suffering From Psoriatic Arthritis And Heel Pain? The Two Are Probably Related

Psoriatic arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that combines inflammation of the skin with inflammation of the joints. But many patients are unaware that it can also affect their feet as well, leaving them with heel pain that makes walking and standing virtually unbearable. If you suffer from psoriatic arthritis, here is some information you need to know about foot care during flares. Plantar fasciitis is the medical term for your heel pain.

Three Reasons Why Your Teenage Son Has REALLY Foul-Smelling Feet And What Your Podiatrist Prescribes

If you are like most parents, walking into your teenage son’s room probably requires a gas mask. Between the usual body odors and the pizza box he has stuffed under his bed, your son also has feet that make Limburger and Roquefort cheeses smell heavenly. Before you begin wondering if it is legal to cut your son’s feet off, here are a few things a podiatrist would suggest are the problems and prescribe to treat those adolescent foot bombs.

Women Tips: 3 Natural Ways To Deal With A Heavy Monthly Flow

Your menstrual cycle can be difficult at times, and some women experience an unnatural heavy flow. Your  gynecologist can help you deal with this, and you can also consider the following guide. Remember that a heavy blood flow could put you in danger of things, like anemia and iron deficiency. 1. Try a Little Ginger Ginger has a strong taste, but this root has been proven to help with heavy menstrual flows.

Keeping An Elderly Relative Safe When They Live Alone

If you have an aging relative who lives in their own home by themselves, you may be worried about their safety as they navigate throughout their house without supervision. There are several steps you can take to help your relative get around easier, perhaps alleviating the need to go to an assisted living facility. Here are some ways you can help your relative retain their mobility safely. Make Help Accessible Consider having a few extra phone lines placed in your relative’s home so phones are always in reach, or have them carry around a cellular phone in case they fall or become injured while alone.

Two Reasons Why You Need To Make Massage Therapy A Priority

Although you may see the value in visiting your primary care physician on at least an annual basis, you may not be as aware of the benefits available to you when you invest in massage therapy. The power of touch is real, but unfortunately, it’s a bit underrated.  Learning more about the benefits of massage therapy can help you determine if you should make it a part of your overall health regimen as soon as possible.

Keep These Tips In Mind Ahead Of Your Drug Rehab Check In

You’ve finally made the decision to check yourself into one of the various recovery centers in your area for patients who need help rehabilitating from drug or alcohol use. Understanding you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so you should feel proud about your decision. But if you’ve never been to drug rehab before, you might be nervous about what it will entail, especially if you have to wait a few days before the center is ready to take you in.

3 Tips To Help Improve Nearsightedness

If you are nearsighted, are you taking steps to improving your vision or doing the opposite? You could be unwittingly causing unnecessary stress on your eyes. For example, people, who have nearsightedness sometimes spend many hours of the computer and this could cause stress to the eyes. Did you know there are three things you could do to try to improve your vision? Relax your eyes Massages are not just for the body.

What To Look For In Senior Care

When you have a senior loved one who can no longer care for themselves entirely but they still wish to live at home, having senior care at home can make all the difference. Learn what to look for so that everyone is kept safe and happy. Background check and credentials A reputable company that offers senior care at home should ensure that all their employees undergo a background check and have basic credentials to perform medical care.

Foot Problems You Should Never Handle At Home If You Are Diabetic

Many diabetic people lose their legs every year, but this a tragedy that can be prevented.  As a general rule, diabetic persons should not ignore any kinds of trauma, even the ones that seem minor. In particular, you should consult your doctors if you experience any of these symptoms:   Difficulty in Walking If you have difficulty in walking, then you may be dealing with diabetic arthritis. This is a condition where your foot’s muscles, cartilage, tendons and joints are inflamed.

4 Secrets That Can Help You Save On Your Funeral Costs

If you want to make sure the details of your funeral match your personal beliefs, tastes, and budget, you may want to consider making the arrangements yourself. You can do this by putting your desires in writing, arrange the payments, and make sure your loved ones are aware of what you want and don’t want. When pre-planning your funeral or even planning one for your loved one, you can cut cost if you know some of the secrets about funeral home services.

Why Cracking Your Knuckles Is Bad But Cracking Your Back Is Good

If you crack your knuckles and have been told you should not do that, you probably wonder why. Additionally, when you see a chiropractor and he or she “cracks” your back, you wonder why that is any different from cracking your knuckles. The explanation for why the former is bad and the latter is good is not all that difficult to understand. Cracking Your Knuckles Leads to Damaged Tendons, Dislocation

Any Child Who Has Been In A Car Accident Should Receive Whiplash Treatment

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has stated that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among children. While it is important to take precautions to keep your children safe in the car, it is just as important to make sure any child involved in a car accident receives whiplash treatment. Heading to the doctor or chiropractor, such as Contino Chiropractic Center, with small children is never something that a parent gets excited about, but it is a step that can make a huge difference in the overall recovery of your child.

Dry Winter Skin? Try Oil Cleansing Your Face With These Easy Recipes

If your face becomes dry during the winter, then stop cleansing it with harsh facial cleansers and start cleaning it with oil! Oil cleansing is becoming a popular method of facial cleansing, and it actually works for all skin types. People with dry skin often see the most benefits, though, as skipping typical cleansers with harsh sulfates and other chemicals can do wonders for dry skin. Here are two simple recipes for making your facial cleansing oil, and each targets a specific skin problem along with tackling dryness.

Three Tips To Help With Choosing What To Take To An Assisted Living Facility

Even under the best of circumstances, moving to an assisted living facility will be a very stressful experience. To help your loved one make the transition as smoothly as possible, it helps if you know and communicate what kind of possessions are good to keep and what should be sold or disposed of. Here’s three tips to help you and your loved one decide which possessions to retain in the move.